Memorial Day Events in Wildwood New Jersey 2012

There are many events going on this year in  Wildwood New Jersey.  For many South Jersey families, Memorial Day Weekend kicks off a nice start to a wonderful and fun filled summer.  It is the first time we all get a day off from work, can pile into the car and drive down the parkway to Wildwood New Jersey!

So, what is on the lineup for events in Wildwood on Memorial Day Weekend?

May 25th-May 27th: Wildwood International Kite Festival

The International Kite Festival is one of the more memorable annual events that everyone loves to attend this year in Wildwood.  Going on all weekend, the beaches in Wildwood New Jersey are filled with tons of people showing off all the kites that have waited all year to fly.  This is a great time to enjoy the beach, weather and meet new friends in North Wildwood.  The Wildwood International Kite Festival happens every year and for more information on the event and details, you can click here.

May 26-May 27: State Gymnastics Championship in Wildwood New Jersey







This event is a fun event to attend in Wildwood New Jersey!  The event takes place over two days between the hours of 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.  The cost to attend this event is $12 for Adults and $6 for Children.  The State Gymnastics championship is another annual event that takes place in Wildwood New Jersey and attracts a rather large crowd.  In fact, if you are planning on going to this event, it is ideal to start looking at your rental arrangements sooner rather than later, as many Wildwood hotels and motels fill up. For more information on this event, and to purchase tickets, click here.

May 27: Wildwood Crest Summer Kickoff Concert

On Sunday, make sure to attend the Wildwood Crest Summer Kickoff Concert.  This event, which is FREE takes place from 7:30 PM-9:30 PM.  The outdoor concert is always a fun time entertaining with rock and roll music from the 50s till today.  Bring your blankets and beach chairs to enjoy this great outdoor concert in Wildwood New Jersey!

May 28: Memorial Day Ceremony in Wildwood New Jersey







The Memorial Day Ceremony is a not-to-be missed event beginning at 10 AM on May 28th.  This is another FREE event where you can watch the Ceremony at Veterans Monument. This event is held on the last day to really complete your fun long weekend from Memorial Day in Wildwood.  Keep in mind, throughout the weekend, many shops, restaurants and the boardwalk will be open for business, so do not miss out on all of the events that are going on in Wildwood this Memorial Day weekend!