2013 Scariest Homes for Sale – Watch Out Wildwood!

As Wildwood gets ready for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, we take a look at some of the scariest homes for sale.

Each year, many homes are listed for sale, but how many can hold the honor of scariest homes for sale? Personally, I wish we could finally get a Haunted House on the list in Wildwood, but with these competitors, its not looking likely!

One of the homes, a $15 Million Dollar LA Home is said to have been vacant for 15 years and sitting on top of an Indian Burial ground. With 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a 200-bottle wine cellar, the rumors of aliens and ghosts plagues the home.

Then there is the Psycho Murder House which is Janet Leigh’s actual home, currently for sale. Many of us would picture her from the Alfred Hitchcock files and be terrified. Well, just imagine sleeping in her house at night!

Finally, there is a Haunted House currently listed in New Orleans, a town known for being spooky! This B&B, the Magnolia Mansion, boasts creepy stories about how a ghost maid will tuck you in at night and a child who lurks in the halls. If you are looking to make a reservation, you can just reach right out to them here. Oh, and surprisingly, they do weddings too!